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Here at the wedding film guys we are passionate about wedding videos.  In a way, we are similar to directors in the film industry. We shoot with one goal in mind, that is to tell a great story from beginning to end. We do this through our cinematic style wedding videos.

What is a Cinematic Wedding Video?

A “Cinematic Style” wedding video uses strong visual elements that are meant to engage the viewer emotionally. This is achieved through the use of camera movement, lighting, lens choice and editing techniques to name a few.

Cinematic wedding videos are usually shorter in length and priced a bit higher than a documentary wedding video. Cinematic wedding videos require more pre-wedding planning and there is usually more gear associated with a cinematic wedding video. Things like sliders, jibs, glide cams and even drones.

Lastly, cinematic wedding videos can usually require a lot more time editing post wedding. Rather than relying on the chronology of the day’s events, the editor is sourcing through hundreds of clips with various camera angles in order to create a dynamic, intriguing story.

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out

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